HistoryPointer is your portable copy of the US National Register of Historic Places. This app lists over 100,000 sites, buildings, battlefields, vessels, and historic districts in the United States and territories.


Promo Pusher is a tool for developers to manage and distribute App Store promo codes.

Download your promo codes from iTunes Connect, or create a text document with those codes. Transfer the document to Promo Pusher on your iPhone using iTunes. …


Portable copy of the FAA Aircraft Registry.

Look up the registration info for any interesting airplane you spot: model, manufacturer or builder, year, engine, owner. Perfect for aviation history fans, private pilots, FBOs, airport managers, experimental aircraft builders, and journalists. …

MapTap™ for iOS®

Online and offline map browser. Use your choice of Open Street Map data renderings from Open Cycle Map, Open Street Map, or CloudMade. Load the maps while you're online, and MapTap automatically caches the images to use later.


Get tide and current predictions for over 7,000 locations worldwide. Tides automatically looks up the closest prediction station to your location and retrieves the tide table for that spot.

Find out when to go clam digging, know when the current brings the fish by your favorite spot, or catch the outgoing tide for your next boat trip.